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Acest proiect a fost initiat, condus si completat de Andrei Dudau.

Specializat in IT si cu multi anu experienta in web design, Andrei a conceput si propus acest proiect ca un portal de comunicare intre Consulatul Onorific Bristol si membrii comunitatilor Romane si Britanice din Sud Vestul Angliei. Dincolo de contributia sa gratuita de a crea si imbunatati pagina, Andrei s-a oferit deasemenea sa asiste cu intretinerea paginii fara nici un cost.

Pagina a trecut prin cateva faze initiale si ne-am stabilit in cele din urma la forma prezenta, sperand ca cititorii o vor gasi usor de navigat si acesibila.

Pagina este conceputa sa ofere noutati si vesti despre proiectele noastree, sa ofere informatii utile si adresele web ale pagini web relevante si foarte important, deschide un nou canal de comunicare intre public si membrii comunitatii si Consulatul Onorific Bristol.


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This project was initiated, led and completed by Andrei Dudau.

An IT specialist with many years’ experience of web design, Andrei  conceptualised and proposed this project as a communication portal between the Honorary Consulate in Bristol and the wider Romanian and British communities in the South West. In addition to the free of charge contribution in designing the page, Andrei also kindly offered to assist with on-going maintenance without any charges.

Having gone through several design stages we eventually settled for the current one and we hope that readers will find it user-friendly and accessible.

The page is designed to provide updates on current projects and developments, offer useful information and links to other sites and importantly: it opens an additional communication channel between community members and the Honorary Consulate Bristol.




Andrei Dudau